Love/hate Relationship with Money?


If your cashflow seems like a YO-YO, constantly up and down, I can relate. Here is some insights from my journey. Maybe you have a dysfunctional love / hate relationship with money?

  • Do you love paying bills and feel grateful for the services they provide when the bill comes in?
  • Do you avoid making sure your finances and taxes are in order, because lets face it you are so busy busy busy?
  • Does being in seriously expensive establishments make you feel at home or like you don’t belong?
  • DO you know about the family finances and day to day budget but have no idea about your long term financial picture cos you leave it up to the man in your life?
  • Do you realise how valuable you are to your family, the world, your friends?
  • Have you let past mistakes shut you down instead of learning from them and feeling empowered to make new smarter choices?
  • Do you feel guilting if you shop for you?
  • Do you pay yourself first or are you living pay check to paycheck?
  • Can you easily talk money with your BFFS?

After multitudes of money mistakes, here are my words of wisdom:

Money matters, it is one of our most relationships period. It’s easy to be a slave to money but its not that hard to love it and make it a positive and empowering journey for you. Ignorance is not bliss, its freakin expensive. If you think you don’t matter wait for some financial struggle and see the calls you get from people u owe. Kids are priceless not expensive. Feeling like a million bucks takes making time for you and establishing habits that nourish and replenish you not delete you. Desperation creates more desperation not success. You can help more people when you are rich than when you are poor. Tis equally important to receive as well as to give. Gratitude for little things,brings bigger things. Giving is always in fashion, just like style! You are one in a trillion, stop trying to be an imitation of anyone else.

And finally, You ARE WORTH IT!

What do you think, anything resonate?